Hi, I'm Renee

I'm a writer-side senior-level creative director with big-picture strategic vision and a knack for connecting the dots and creating a story.

I grew up creatively "below the line," so engaging consumers to personally interact with a brand is native -- and evolving this expertise to connect via digital, mobile and social media has been intuitive and exciting. 

Though my portfolio is predominantly packaged goods, I've worked in other categories, too. Whether hair gel or jetliners, pizza or printers, ice cream or insurance, cereal or cell phones -- the creative process is the same. Get inside the head and heart of the consumer and find the spark that moves them.

I've led large pieces of business and creative groups as an ECD and I've cranked out concepts and copy independently as a freelancer. I've won awards with multi-functional layered teams and won new business pitches with just two guys and a killer presentation.

What-you-see-is-what-you-get. I'm ruled by passion, quick on my feet and always up for a new experience. My creative outlet outside the office is the kitchen where cooking up a storm feeds my spirit and often many appreciative friends.

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