Our first (and certainly not last) experience with Menu For You far exceeded our expectations. The food was so incredibly flavorful and all of our guests enjoyed their dining experience. The organization of items made it so simple for me to execute in a timely fashion. I was able to relax and engage in the celebration rather than being consumed with the food. Thank you for EVERYTHING! Your efforts made our son’s celebration truly spectacular for ALL!



I have had many big parties in my home, but choosing Chef Vahé to do the cooking for me was the best decision that I could have made. There were many dietary restrictions that we discussed and Chef Vahé was able to prepare an elegant, delicious meal for my party of 18. He understood all of my food concerns leaving me free to focus on entertaining and enjoying my event. He was meticulous in the food preparation, used only the healthiest ingredients brought all of his equipment and left the kitchen spotless! My guests were thoroughly impressed! I will definitely ask him again.



OMG. My kids are raving about the chicken soup. The tenderloin with apricots was delicious. We LOVED the kebabs. The meal was truly elegant and you are a talented man. The best part is there was not one "I don't like this and I'm not eating it," comment. Thank you. Thank you for your thoughtfulness. I appreciate pushing the boundaries with my taste challenged family! Looking forward to the new menu.



My guests were effusive in their compliments. I think the butternut squash soup won the most praise, but all was enjoyed. Thanks so much for helping us with our dinner party. Thank you for making me look so good to my guests. We appreciate your expertise. …Looking forward to coming home from work with dinner already prepared!… The salmon was moist and tender and the flavor was wonderful. Veggies are out of this world. My husband enjoyed tremendously!



Hi. I just wanted to send you a quick note and let you know that we LOVED dinner last night :) My son wanted to know when you were coming back!! That is great news. I really enjoyed being able to sit down with my family and have a fantastic, tasty dinner that everyone loved. Thank you so very much. I can't wait to eat dinner tonight too :)



Vahé’s personal approach to preparing family meals combines professionalism, exquisite taste, and a focus on family values in one complete package. It is a priority for our family to gather around a table, share stories of our day, and enjoy a delicious meal. Vahé makes this possible for our family because the food he prepares is restaurant quality in the comforts of our own home. And to boot, our children love his cool chef outfit!



We have been delighted with the 5-star meals provided by Chef Vahé Mekhitarian, and Menu for You. The quality is beyond comparison, as we came home, had a gourmet dinner, and did not have to drive home from the restaurant! All aspects of the menu are tailored to our palettes and dietary preferences, which enhances the dining experience even more! Don’t seek out Chef Vahe’s talents unless you really appreciate food!



Chef Vahé took the time to understand our family habits and preferences and made some nutritious recommendations to design a menu that would satisfy everyone. For instance, Chef Vahé suggested a soup to feed the kids after school and before activities, he prepared a delicious Morrocan Chickpea soup that not only fed everyone for the week, but we had enough to freeze and use later in the month. He also suggested to prepare Pulled Turkey Leg instead of pulled pork, we served it in sandwich with coleslaw, tacos and on a salad for a light lunch — we froze it in 4-5 portions and had delicious meals on the table for the rest of the month. I can't say enough about the professionalism of Chef Vahé and his team who came to our house with all their equipment, left the kitchen as it was and our fridge was full of meals neatly packaged in reusable containers clearly labeled with preparation instructions. A weight was lifted off my shoulders, for a day Chef Vahé did efficient grocery shopping (everything he bought he used), prepared much faster and better meals than I would have been able to, and the best part is that I had a lot of left overs to freeze and use another week. Everyone was happy, and I had time for work, carpool, and play...



Menu for You has impacted my family in many healthy ways. Vahé took the time out to encourage and explain the benefits of home grown gardening for my family. He educated us on how to start to build a structure and maintain the nutrition on filling it's needs to grow properly. This has been a vehicle to help my family choose a healthy snack. Menu for You has not only opened our eyes to living a healthier lifestyle but has given us a hobby to upkeep as a family.



Menu for You is truly amazing! You can completely customize your menu and Chef Vahé always has amazing suggestions. Things I would never think of! I have used Menu for You numerous times and have a family of 5 picky girls, but Chef Vahé satisfies everyone’s palates!!! Kids are asking when we are having Menu for You cook again for us. Prices are amazing for the quality of food and service that you get! Love this company!!



Vahe's meals are the best! My whole family enjoys them!! Especially the chicken noodle soup, lemon turkey meatloaf, salmon burgers, and lasagna! Thanks for spoiling us! Food portions are great. We had soup again after school yesterday and I had some for lunch. Will give kids today after school. The bison kabobs were fabulous! I'll have the eggplant tonight. They all loved the pork roast and squash too. So easy for me to serve!!



I can't begin to express my gratitude for Vahe's services. As a small business owner, my schedule can include a lot of late nights at the store. Knowing that I have healthy, home cooked meals waiting for me when I get home is a life saver. While I may buy healthy food intending to cook it, when I get home at 10:00 pm, the last thing I want to do is cook, so the food ends up going back & being tossed. So having Vahé cook for me actually saves me money.

Vahé is a creative chef & does a wonderful job coming up with delicious, healthy meals making sure not to repeat items unless I specifically ask for something again. Some of the items that I may have been lukewarm about going into the cook day always end up being absolute favorites!

While it may seem like an indulgent luxury to hire a personal chef to come cook for you, but honestly, it's a huge help & relief if your schedule is jam packed.



Chef Vahé has cooked for our family of six for over a year now. It started as a birthday present for my husband. We loved his meals so much that we kept him on weekly. Not only will Vahé make our favorite meals, but he has also introduced new healthy items that we love. Also, we love the fact that Vahé shops at Whole Foods. My husband and boys love bison meat. He can make skewers, steaks, burgers, chilli and soup out of this. We also have some food sensitivities in the family including lactose intolerance and cheese/pasta sensitivities. Vahé takes all this in to account to ensure the family’s diet restrictions are met. Since we hired Vahé to cook our meals, I’ve been able to give the kids healthier home cooked meals. With the kid’s busy sport schedules I can heat up smaller portion sizes for each child before or after their activities. This is so much better than the usual PBJ sandwiches, snacks or frozen chicken fingers when in a hurry. Now the kids have a piping hot bowl of soup waiting for them as they walk in the door. No wonder the neighbors keep stopping by!

The main reasons I would recommend Vahé as a chef are:

1. Food is delicious

2. Healthy meals while abiding by diet restrictions

3. Ease of serving his cooked meals to accommodate different schedules

4. Extra bonus – kids trying different foods and more open minded.



Our family was lucky enough to have Menu For You come into our home on a weekly basis for almost 2 years. Vahé  Mekhitarian's passion for creating organic, natural and healthy meals provided our family with the most amazing food. Not only does Vahé & his staff focus on personalizing each and every dish for our dietary needs, Menu For You provided impeccable professionalism. During the holidays, Vahé worked directly with us to create my grandmother's special dinner. Vahé spent 2 days working on making the meal exactly the way I remembered it. He extensively researched the recipe and gave me the gift of honoring my grandmother. It is with great sadness that we can no longer use Menu For You as we have moved out-of-state.

I would HIGHLY recommend Menu For You.



Chef Vahé is wonderful! Our first exposure to his cooking was when a family friend shared some of his delicious meals with us. Our kids LOVED them and were asking for more (which doesn't happen often in our house!). So when my husband and I were leaving on an overseas trip, we decided to have Chef Vahé come and cook some nutritious meals for our kids to enjoy while we were gone. He not only spent time with me ahead of time to get to know my family and their likes and dislikes, but he also took care of the grocery shopping while I was gone as well. This made our time away much less stressful for us, the kids, and also the nanny. Oh, and by the way, he leaves the kitchen spotless! We are looking forward to having Chef Vahé fill our house with the pleasant scent of his cooking again soon!

Thanks again!